The same miracle material that has enabled us to land on the moon, rebuild a human heart, curb epidemics, and alter the course of history, is being overlooked by humanity and miss-used as a disposable single-use product.  Its name is Plastic and it is one of the most valuable materials known to man, yet somehow we've forgotten the capabilities of it, both good and bad, and how we ought to treat it.

Every year, we produce 300 million tons of a material that doesn't go away.  We are now seeing significant human fingerprints appearing in our oceans, landfills, and across the world; effects that are significantly changing our environment and health.

We've told ourselves the story that plastic is a cheap, disposable material, here to serve our most trivial of needs - and then it goes away.  Or it's recycled into a new version of the product.  Or it decomposes in the landfill.  But these are things we've told ourselves to ease the guilt associated with our abuse of such a spectacular material.    

Material Of The Future is a 40 minute feature documentary that retells the forgotten story of plastic, in it's truest and most balanced form.  Before we can solve the litany of problems associated with plastic, we need to recognize it's existence and understand what it is.  From Tupperware and plastic hearts, to the lies of recycling and bioplastics, to interviews with top scientists, politicians, environmentalists, we travel the globe to capture the story that touches us all - both literally and figuratively.  

We make plastics because plastics make us feel like God.  But with great power comes great responsibility.  It starts with a new relationship to our miracle material. The Material of the Future: plastic.